The Cycle: Frontier Server Status: How to Check

Are the The Cycle: Frontier servers down?
Are the The Cycle: Frontier servers down? / Image courtesy of YAGER

With The Cycle: Frontier Season 1 finally dropping this week, it wouldn't be all that surprising to hear that its servers are down considering these types of ordeals tend to happen at launch for just about all types of popular games.

Here's a breakdown of how to check the server status for The Cycle: Frontier.

The Cycle: Frontier Servers Down: How to Check

There is pretty much one method to figure out if your connectivity problems with The Cycle: Frontier at any given moment are related to your own internet, or instead because of server troubles on YAGER's side.

Unfortunately, it appears that YAGER no longer has an official Server Status webpage for The Cycle: Frontier, nor a third-party site that aggregates connectivity complaints. Enough complaints in one region or time period often indicate problems are occurring on the server-side.

As such, the best way to check whether or not the The Cycle: Frontier servers are down for everybody is by checking YAGER's social media channels.

The official @TheCycleGame Twitter account and the The Cycle Discord server are surefire bets to post any updates on any potential server outages and maintenance sessions for the title, as well as any reports from other players struggling to load up into the game.

The Cycle Frontier Season 1 officially launched for PC (via Steam, Epic Games Store) on June 21, and will run until Sept. 11.