The Detroit Lions Released Their Schedule Via Animal Crossing

The Detroit Lions took advantage of the growing Animal Crossing interest to announce their proposed 2020 schedule via the game while also trucking on other NFL teams on Thursday, as Polygon reported.

Though the 2020 football season is still a bit in the air as the world continues to monitor the 2020 coronavirus pandemic, the Detroit Lions released a video on Twitter teasing upcoming rivals, including the Chicago Bears, via a Twitter announcement video.

The team organizers used creative methods in-game to reference other teams, including a giant stuffed teddy-bear to signal the Chicago Bears and a tongue in cheek reference to Redd's ship representing the Minnesota Vikings.

You can view the full video below via the Detroit Lions official Twitter account.

While the 2020 season is still uncertain as we await further pandemic developments, fans interested in some Detroit Lions gear in Animal Crossing: New Horizons can also reference the custom Design ID's released by the team in the Able Sisters shop right here.