The Division 2 Beginners Guide

The Division 2 beginners guide is a perfect place to start for many of you trying out the free weekend or those that saw arriving content coming for the rest of the year.

Ubisoft focused heavily on two games during E3 and The Division 2 was one of them. Here are a few things to focus on to get your feet wet.

The Division 2 Beginners Guide: First Mission

Don't skip the first mission. The Division 2 is an open world game of sorts and you can go off exploring, but I'd advise finishing the first mission of the game. You'll unlock a second skill slot, starts the storyline and lore, and learn many of the mechanics of the game in a relatively safe mission.

It's a much more fun and inviting tutorial, and I fully advise completing it.

The Division 2 Beginners Guide: Unlock Second Weapon

When you do unlock that skill slot, you'll also unlock a perk and you should choose the one that unlocks your second weapon. It's pretty much a necessity in this game and allows you to loot another weapon out in the world.

The Division 2 Beginners Guide: Aim for Weak Spots

Enemies now have armor and sometimes an enemy is covered from head to toe. Aim for the weaker spots and keep shooting until a spot is exposed. The game is about using tactics and cunning, so don't just blindly shoot at enemies, learn precision and you'll benefit.

The Division 2 Beginners Guide: Loot and Gear

The Division 2 gear system is like many other games and you can get lost upgrading and improving your own gear. Don't spend too much time on this while you're leveling. The game will reward you with naturally better gear, so don't waste money and resources on early level improvement. If you want an early upgrade, finish Control Points missions for good loot.

The game is a vast and complicated one, so enjoy your journey as you progress toward end game and the game's first raid!

Photo courtesy of Ubisoft