The Division 2 Clan Cache Bug

The Division 2 clan cache bug is an ongoing issue preventing players from claiming their weekly rewards.

Tom Clancy's The Division 2 was released on March 15, 2019 for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Microsoft Windows. The sequel to 2016's The Division, The Division 2 shares the same developer and publisher as its predecessor, Massive Entertainment and Ubisoft respectively.

The Division 2 boasts a new setting of Washington DC as players take on the role of Strategic Homeland Division agents looking to restore order after the area fell into chaos after a smallpox epidimic. Players can strike out solo or group together to take on quests, opposing factions and other players.

One option available to players is creating and/or joining clans. Similar to guilds, clans allow like-minded players to cooperate in both the game's main content as well as specific weekly challenges afforded to clans.

The Division 2 Clan Cache Bug

The Division 2's clan cache bug prevents players from claiming caches, the rewards awarded to clans for achieving weekly goals.

Normally upon reaching a goal or milestone, players in a clan receive caches either by interacting with the clan chest or automatically added to their inventory.

The clan cache bug sees players either receive differing amounts of rewards or none whatsoever despite having accomplished the required goals.

There has been no response from the development team on fixes or causes for the bug. Normal tactics such as logging out and restarting the game have not yielded results. Thus far, players have generally found the only method is to wait for a while for the game to update or reset its timers, at which point they typically see the rewards appear in their inventory.

Images courtesy of Massive Entertainment and Ubisoft