The Division 2 Console World First: Operation Dark Hours Finished on Console

The Division 2 console world first happened on Sunday. It was a much longer and more difficult process for console players compared to PC players.

On the PC, a group of eight players led by streamer and YouTuber Marcostyle successfully completed the Operation Dark Hours Raid at 5:10 p.m. ET Thursday. According to developer Massive Entertainment, Marcostyle's POG clan was the first to knock the raid out. The developer gave the squad a shout out on Twitter to congratulate it on its success.

The Division 2 Console World First

The PlayStaion 4 leaderboards show two eight-player teams have finished the raid. One took 36 hours while the other took about 20 hours. The Xbox One has one team clearing it in 17 hours.

Kotaku did an interview with the players and allowed them to explain their strategy and how it was like to play the raid for 36 hours, even with breaks.

Like most raids, the first five-hour record set on PC has been shattered as players can clear the entire raid in 24 minutes. Once players learn strategies and mechanics of each boss fight, the raid will become a lot easier.

Photo courtesy of Ubisoft