The Division 2 Invaded Mission: Endgame Content

The Division 2 Invaded Mission is the endgame content added to the game after players hit level 30.

Once you finish the main campaign and hit level 30, the Black Tusks take over the city and offer a more competitive enemy to engage. These agents are heavily armored, and use advanced weaponry and tech, posing a greater threat to Division Agents.

The Division 2 Invaded Mission

The invaded Missions are re-playable and the best way for players to farm Nemesis exotic weapon parts and various new gear sets.

To start the mission, open your map and select this week's invaded mission. You'll have the option to choose your difficulty level which increases or decreases the level of loot.

Ubisoft has already promised even more endgame content like more Invaded missions to choose from and more endgame enemies. For now, you can replay each weekly Invaded Mission as many times as you like.

Photo courtesy of Ubisoft