The Division 2 Normalized Stats: What is It?

The Division 2's normalized stats are confusing quite a few players.

The Division 2 offers gun stats and players stats just like other RPG games, but there is a different toggle. You can see your normalized stats.

The Division 2 Normalized Stats: What is it?

Normalization is when the game essentially buffs all your stats so that way everyone is roughly on the same playing field in both the dark zone and in PVP. That also means the game may decrease your stats as well if you're too powerful. While you're out in the word doing things, the stats will remain the same.

Those stats would also include Self Adjusting which has confused quite a few players so far. Self Adjusting is one of the most valuable perks to look for in endgame gear. Stacking Self Adjusting gear will give you a considerable boost to your overall survivability. It's unclear at this time how useful the Self Adjusting perk will be when the upcoming Raid is released.

Photo courtesy of Ubisoft