The Division 2 Shocking Roach: How to Complete the Quest

The Shocking Roach quest in The Division 2 is a lot simpler than it appears. All the game says is to shock Roach twice. The Roach it is referring to is the one from the mission in the Bank Headquarters. The "shock" part of the quest is just saying that you need to use shock ammunition against Roach before killing him.

The Division 2 Shocking Roach

To get to Roach and finish the quest, you need to redo the Bank Headquarters mission on normal difficulty at the minimum. Then once you are face to face with Roach you will need to use shock ammunition to shock him.

You should be able to find shock ammunition fairly easily due to the fact that there will be some on the floor in the middle of the room that Roach is located within. Just pick this up and shock him a couple of times and you will have finished the quest.

Cover Image Courtesy of Ubisoft