The Division 2 Weekly Reset: All Zone Reset Timers

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The Division 2 weekly reset affects when in-game activity or events will be ready once again for players to complete. There are many timers available that players can use to keep track of when a regularly scheduled event will rest.

The Division 2 Weekly Reset

The Division 2 has a number of in-game events or rewards that regularly become available for players to collect. Some of these awards reset daily, while others can take weeks to become available again.

The Daily Bounties, of course, reset daily. However, most of these events take a week to reset. Weekly Assignments, Incursion Rewards, High Value Targets, and Special vendors all become available again after one week. In addition, there are weekly state of the game updates and weekly maintenance sessions that are also shown by the timer. Finally, the supply drops occur monthly.

In addition to these in-game events, the difficult Named Bosses take four hours to reset in the Open World and 10 minutes in the Dark Zone. Division Tech takes two hours to rest while Dark Zone chests take one hour.

The Division 2's latest update includes the new Tidal Basin, while the Underground Faction is slated for some new additions as well.

Photo courtesy of Massive Entertainment and Ubisoft