The Finals Release Date


The Finals is the upcoming multiplayer shooter from Embark, a new development studio composed of ex-members of EA's DICE Studios, known for their work on the Battlefield series of games. Embark previously announced another multiplayer game, Arc Raiders, in 2021, but pivoted to focusing on The Finals, which is releasing soon.

The Finals is a competitive multiplayer shooter with a unique premise: four teams of three competitors are loaded into a virtual game show and tasked with capturing boxes of tokens in order to advance through rounds and reach the titular Finals. Also key to the gameplay formula is the granular level of destruction that allows players to blow up walls and level entire buildings. The game uses server-side destruction to ensure a smooth and bombastic gameplay experience - minimizing lag.

The Finals Release Date

The Finals has no set release date, but its Steam page says it is "Coming Soon." The game's Discord FAQ says a release date will be revealed as the game nears its complete state. In the meantime, players will get an opportunity to play the game early in a Beta test that is running later this month.

The Finals is shaping up to be a unique take on the multiplayer shooter formula, combining extraction gameplay that's all the rage with the fast-pace arcade-like feel of Battlefield games, complete with elevated levels of destruction.