The Finals Second Closed Beta: When is it?


Embark Studio's explosive game-show FPS The Finals is returning for another Closed Beta this summer. The innovative objective-based squad shooter made waves earlier this year thanks to its unique concept and eye-boggling destruction mechanics that redefined ingrained FPS notions like "defending the point." Players who missed out the first time or are itching to play more will be able to do so very soon: Here's when the next Beta test starts on Steam.

For those who weren't following The Finals when it was first announced, it's a competitive multiplayer shooter with a unique premise: four teams of three competitors are loaded into a virtual game show and tasked with capturing boxes of tokens in order to advance through rounds and reach the titular Finals. Also key to the gameplay formula is the granular level of destruction that allows players to blow up walls and level entire buildings. The game uses server-side destruction to ensure a smooth and bombastic gameplay experience - minimizing lag.

The Finals Second Closed Beta: When is it?

Embark announced on Twitter that a second Closed Beta for the game will be held beginning on June 14. The Beta will last for six days and players will be able to unlock new items that will carry over into the full release of the game. Character customization is a big part of the game and Beta players will be able to show off some bling later on.

I had a blast playing in the first Closed Beta in March and am looking forward to playing in this one. The Finals is a truly-refreshing FPS among a sea of them dominating the gaming landscape today.