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The Five Fastest Cornerbacks in Madden 21

Photo Courtesy of EAMaddenNFL on Twitter

The cornerback is one of the most vital positions on any defense in the NFL, and in EA SPORTS Madden 21, they are no different. You can have the strongest defensive line possible, making the quarterback's time a nightmare in the pocket, but if your cornerbacks aren't fast enough, a throw downfield to a Tyreek Hill or Odell Beckham Jr can kill your momentum on defense.

With that in mind, having skilled, fast corners to stop the deep ball and quick cuts inside will allow you to focus on getting to the Quarterback and get back on offense. So here is a ranking of the fastest cornerbacks on Madden 21.

The Fastest Cornerbacks in Madden 21

5. Parry Nickerson (Green Bay Packers)

Jacksonville Jaguars v Atlanta Falcons
Jacksonville Jaguars v Atlanta Falcons / Carmen Mandato/Getty Images

Coming in at number five we have three-year veteran Parry Nickerson from Green Bay. The 26-year-old started his career playing for the Jets in 2018 and has played in 21 games in his career. While his overall rating in Madden 21 is only 70, he boasts 95 Speed and 94 Acceleration, with an above-average 86 agility. If used right, he can live up to his low rating and do just enough to cover your opponent's fastest receiver.

4. Keion Crossen (Houston Texans)

Cincinnati Bengals v Houston Texans
Cincinnati Bengals v Houston Texans / Carmen Mandato/Getty Images

At number four we have Texans defensive back Keion Crossen. Originally drafted by the Patriots in 2018, Crossen played a solid role in helping the Texans struggling defense in 2020, getting some key stops in important situations. In Madden, Crossen is a 72 overall but has a 95 rating in speed and 91 in Acceleration, as well as a tremendous 93 agility. His speed will help slow down the fastest of receivers heading deep, and his high agility will help him stick with the most nimble of receivers on routes.

3. Denzel Ward (Cleveland Browns)

Philadelphia Eagles v Cleveland Browns
Philadelphia Eagles v Cleveland Browns / Jason Miller/Getty Images

The Browns took a leap forward in 2020 thanks in part to Denzel Ward. Not many teams boast a better lockdown cornerback than the Browns with Ward, and a major part of his skill set (which rounds off to an 89 overall in Madden) is his speed. He has a near-perfect 95-95 split in speed and acceleration in Madden, as well as 95 agility and 86 awareness. Having a player like Denzel Ward as one of your defensive backs will always improve your defense, all but guaranteeing your opponent's best wide receiver will not have a fun day getting open deep or shallow.

2. Javelin Guidry (New York Jets)

New York Jets v New England Patriots
New York Jets v New England Patriots / Al Pereira/Getty Images

This Jets rookie went un-drafted in 2020, but Javelin Guidry showed potential that his track-and-field background would translate well into the NFL. His wheels didn't go unnoticed by the Jets, and in the NFL Draft Combine he ran a 4.29 in the 40-yard dash, an impressive stat. His speed translates to Madden seamlessly: he comes in with 96 speed and 93 acceleration, joint highest at his position in the game, with 88 agility. Pair him with anyone else on this top-five list, and your opponent won't have a chance going deep on 3rd and long.

1. Donte Jackson (Carolina Panthers)

Carolina Panthers v Washington Football Team
Carolina Panthers v Washington Football Team / Will Newton/Getty Images

After splashing onto the scene in 2018, Donte Jackson has continued to be a dangerous cornerback for the Carolina Panthers with his hands and legs. He's totaled ten interceptions so far in his career, and his wheels make it improbable that many receivers can make space from him downfield. 96 speed and 95 acceleration, with 95 agility is unprecedented and is the reason why Donte Jackson is the fastest cornerback in Madden 21. Good luck finding talented enough receivers to break away from him.