The Five Worst Junglers on League of Legends Patch 10.2

Qiyana took a big dive on Patch 10.2, but what other junglers should you avoid on Patch 10.2?
Qiyana took a big dive on Patch 10.2, but what other junglers should you avoid on Patch 10.2? / Riot Games

With the jungle role constantly changing, being a jungler has been one of the most difficult jobs in League of Legends. But it gets a lot easier if you don't pick difficult and weak champions. Here are the five worst junglers in League of Legends Patch 10.2 that you should avoid.

1. Sylas

Sylas is in a bad spot in Patch 10.2. It's not as if the champion is playable in mid lane and not in the jungle. Sylas is a liability in any role he's picked and really only works in specific circumstances. Until the nerfs given to him in previous patches are reverted, you should probably avoid Sylas in the jungle.

2. Sejuani

The minor buff Sejuani received in Patch 10.1 is nowhere near what was needed to make her viable on Patch 10.2. Sejuani still struggles to clear the jungle after the tank jungle update years ago and doesn't have the numbers to make her a viable jungler.

With Sejuani, the kit isn't the problem. Her Permafrost (E) is easily stacked by most top laners and allows her to take early objectives well with a melee champion present. Perhaps the planned buffs on Patch 10.3 will be enough to get her back into the mainstream.

3. Gragas

One of the undisputed kings of the Season 9 jungle is no longer at the top. With the emergence of powerhouse early game junglers like Lee Sin and Elise, Gragas has fallen off in both pick rate and win rate in Patch 10.2.

Similar to Sejuani, the previous tank Gragas builds are not exactly viable and the meta AP build doesn't do as much as other similar junglers like Elise. Planned changes to jungle experience could help him return to the meta with a quicker level 3.

4. Trundle

Although Trundle saw a big buff to his Frozen Domain (W) and Pillar of Ice (E), the champion still struggles to gank lanes effectively. He did see a huge increase in win rate, but was picked by so few players that the odds are only Trundle mains are really playing the champion in the jungle at this point.

His kit does not have the same kind of crowd control and kill threat that other major junglers, like Rek'Sai and Jarvan IV, have and is really only viable into teams with heavy frontlines and very little peel.

5. Qiyana

Qiyana used to be one of the best junglers on Patch 10.1 in competitive and high elo play. The nerfs to Qiyana's passive attack speed on Terrashape (W) in absolutely gutted her ability to clear the jungle and now has a win rate in jungle of around 45 percent. That's nearly a 10 percent drop from the previous patch.

Qiyana is still a viable mid laner and has a great kit with lots of mobility, damage, and crowd control. Just avoid her in the jungle if at all possible.