The G Phillips Protocol Division 2: Where to Find It

The G Phillips Protocol Division 2 is stumping players left and right. Here is how you can find it and help solve perhaps a greater mystery.

The G Phillips Protocol Division 2

The G. Phillipa Protocol is a side mission that is accessible after completing the "Navy Hills Transmission" mission.

Go to the northern part of Foggy Bottom where there is an icon of a blue sword with wings coming out of it. Enter the building and open the crate to the right and enter the door. Destroy the padlock at the end of the corridor and go down the stairs. Finally, open two crates in the basement and leave the area. You will see the blue sword/wing icon disappear off your map, but no indication that you completed a mission.

Thus opens one of the biggest mysteries of Division 2. Players have been wondering what this mysterious mission could mean. They have looked at the logo for the mission, the logo of the British Special Air Service, the previous Navy Hills mission, the name G. Phillips, that of a Medal of Honor winning marine, and other areas for clues. So far, the answer has not been pieced together not,

This Reddit thread details all of the conspiracy theories and speculations so far about what this mission could mean.

Other Division 2 missions that people are having trouble with include Missing Curators and the Nemesis Exotic Sniper Blueprint.

Photo courtesy of Massive Entertainment and Ubisoft