The Outer Worlds Character Builder Guide

The Outer Worlds character builder is one of the many features of the Outer Worlds experienced RPG players, especially fans of the Fallout series, will find familiar. Several interesting new quirks help it stand out among the pack.

The Outer Worlds Character Builder Guide

Like most RPGs, characters have six main attributes that you will need to balance depending on your play style. These six main attributes are grouped into three larger categories depending on the part of the character affected by that skill. The three categories are Body (divided into strength and dexterity), Mind (divided into intelligence and perception), and Personality (divided into charm and temperament).

Upon entering the game, all six of these attributes will be at the average level, and you will be provided with six attribute points to upgrade your skills in any way you want. Choose which skills to upgrade wisely, however, as these changes are permanent once you finalize them into your character.

You can even downgrade some attributes to increase the value of others. Once you've created your attribute balance, your stats will increase upon leveling up based on said balance, very similar to the IV system found in the core series of Pokemon games.

Image Courtesy Obsidian Entertainment