The Quarry Update June 13: Patch 1.03

Image courtesy of Supermassive Games

The Quarry received a patch yesterday, June 13. Here is what we know about the update.

The third-person horror survival game developed by Supermassive games, which concerns the actions of 9 camp counselors in upstate New York, received an 11.15 GB patch yesterday.

According to coverage by, the Patch 1.03 supposedly addressed several technical performance issues related to the visuals of the game.

Besides the complaint that the Patch was taking too long to download, some users on Twitter, such as @Saviors4Negan, have pointed out that the Patch 1.03 has somehow made the game look worse.

The Quarry Update June 13

Besides that, there are no official patch notes to be found. Of course, the patch is less than two days old. Players of the 4th best-selling game in the UK will likely need to spend a little more time playing to decide if the update is positive or negative overall.