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The Ritou Road Genshin Impact: How to Complete the Quest

"You happen upon a hidden passageway in Ritou..."
"You happen upon a hidden passageway in Ritou..." / Photo courtesy of miHoYo

The Ritou Road is one of the many new World Quests in Genshin Impact that are available for travelers to complete after the Inazuma update.

Ultimately, completing this quest is really simple and fast, it's just that where to go first to get started on it is pretty well hidden. Here's how to complete The Ritou Road quest in Genshin Impact.

The Ritou Road Genshin Impact: How to Complete the Quest

Before getting started on this quest, travelers must first complete the Ritou Escape Plan Archon quest.

The place players need to go to start The Ritou Road quest is a house on the southern end of Ritou. Harrison can be found standing in front of it.

Behind the house near a rock wall is a secret passageway on the ground. Interact with whatever command prompt pops up to go through it, which unlocks the achievement “Hello…! Anyone in here…?”

Once out of the suspicious wooden vent, players will spawn lower in the island under the city and are tasked with investigating the strange camp. Simply walk up and interact with each of the three glowing points to complete this step.

Soon after, Paimon will mention that someone is coming and that you need to hide. Just around the corner will be a glowing point for players to stand on that triggers a cutscene.

Lastly, defeat the slimes attacking Harrison to complete the quest.

After debriefing with Harrison, travelers will receive 20,000 Mora and five Adventurer's Experiences as the quest reward. Be sure to head back to Yashiro Commission Representative Madarame Hyakubei to turn in the Inazuma Quest as well.

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