The Texas Chain Saw Massacre Game Victims: Full List

Play as a member of the Family or one of the Victims in The Texas Chain Saw Massacre.
Play as a member of the Family or one of the Victims in The Texas Chain Saw Massacre. /

A group of young adults find themselves fighting for their lives in the asymmetrical horror game: The Texas Chain Saw Massacre. Maria’s disappearance brought them to the Family’s home. 

It’s up to Ana, Maria’s sister, and four friends to find out what happened to the missing girl. They must avoid the psychopathic clutches of the Family first. 

It might be difficult to choose which Victims are best for your playstyle. This article covers a quick rundown of each Victim’s description, stats, and Abilities.

The Texas Chain Saw Massacre Game Victims 

There are five playable characters who are Victims. Each have Attributes that are placed into five categories: Toughness, Endurance, Strength, Proficiency, and Stealth. An Attribute’s power can also be no higher than 50.

Every character has an Ability as well. Abilities are skills that are unique to each person.

This section was completed thanks to Prima Games and articles from The Texas Chain Saw Massacre website describing the Victims and their special perks.

The Victims are:


The farming lifestyle made Connie into the tomboy she became. She’s clever and skillful, so she’ll be useful in the team's attempt to escape the Family. 

Connie has the Focused Ability meaning she can pick a lock quicker than others. Unfortunately, her stamina and Family proximity warnings will suffer while doing so, but she’ll keep the unlock tool afterward.


  • Toughness – 20/50
  • Endurance – 25/50
  • Strength – 15/50
  • Proficiency – 35/50
  • Stealth – 30/50


With a wrestling background, Leland is the strongest of the bunch. This Texan packs a punch, but he’s lacking in other areas.

Leland can use his Life Saver Ability to charge into a Family member. He can do this to protect himself or a friend, making him a literal lifesaver.


  • Toughness – 20/50
  • Endurance – 30/50
  • Strength – 40/50
  • Proficiency – 25/50
  • Stealth – 10/50


Sonny’s intelligence is unmatched. He’s an intuitive and quick decision-maker, which are essential qualities to have when escaping murderers.  

The Heightened Sense Ability is Sonny’s specialty. With this perk, he can see a person’s exact location for a short time when they make a noise nearby. 


  • Toughness – 15/50
  • Endurance – 35/50
  • Strength – 35/50
  • Proficiency – 25/50
  • Stealth – 15/50


Julie is your typical California girl. She feels at home on the beach and while surfing. The sporty lifestyle suits Julie — hopefully, it can help her outrun Leatherface. 

The Californian’s Ultimate Escape Ability makes her untrackable to the Family. Julie also gets reduced stamina drain as she sprints when this Ability is activated. 


  • Toughness – 25/50
  • Endurance – 30/50
  • Strength – 15/50
  • Proficiency – 20/50
  • Stealth – 35/50


Ana’s sheer willpower is the reason why the group is on a mission to save her sister, Maria. Though she isn’t the best at picking locks, she’s extremely tough compared to the others.   

Ana has one of the coolest Abilities: Pain is Nothing. Activating this Ability reduces the damage she takes from falls and attacks. Ana also becomes temporarily immune to poison once Pain is Nothing is in action.


  • Toughness – 35/50
  • Endurance – 25/50
  • Strength – 30/50
  • Proficiency – 20/50
  • Stealth – 20/50

You can download The Texas Chain Saw Massacre on PC (via Windows and Steam) Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, PlayStation 4, and PlayStation 5 for $40.