The Three Best Offensive Schemes in Madden 21

Photo Courtesy of EASPORTS MADDEN 21

Behind every great team in Madden is a great playbook, with flexible schemes that that give you the edge in any situation. There have been many proposed "best offensive schemes" throughout the first few months of EA SPORTS Madden 21.

But not every scheme can be labeled "the best", so we've compiled three offensive schemes from the Madden community that seem to be the most lethal in the game. Here's our list, not in any particular order.

The Best Offensive Schemes in Madden 21

1. Gun Ace Slot Offset

This first scheme comes from EricRayweather on YouTube, a Gun formation that can be found in the Patriots playbook. To start, you want to change your formation audibles to have more options when your offense heads out onto the field.

Your audibles should be PA Bubble, Inside Zone, Levels Y Sail, and China Double in. The play you're going to come out of the huddle in is Posts, one of the toughest plays to defend in the game.

The man on the X-route should be a speedster that'll be tough to handle on the outside post and out run coverages. The slot should also have a good rating of speed, not just for the post but for the PA Bubble run. A receiver with the Grab-N-Go ability like Tyreek Hill is perfect in this position.

Your running back is also key to this play: in the Posts his angle route is almost guaranteed easy yards while your opponent is worried about the speedy receivers out wide. This set of plays is a nightmare for man defense, Cover 2, and even zones.

2. Gun Bunch TE

This next scheme, shown off by Sportsgamerz, can be found in the New York Jets Playbook under the Gun set. If you have speed all around, not just out wide with your receivers, this offensive scheme is deadly.

Starting off in the TE Corner, you have a lot of options both short and deep. Not relying on much blocking, having receivers with great route running can counter zone coverage and blitz in this formation. The key is the three tight knit receivers opposite side of the Tight End, running either a post, curl or flat. The receiver's all going different directions from a similar spot can create great spacing. If you have a great receiving receiver like Alvin Kamara or Christian McCaffrey, they will be a threat short as well with a smart route.

All of these options coming from one formation makes your arsenal almost impossible to contain, since your opponent can't stop every read you make, Short bursts of yardage leading up to a 30-yard bomb can leave defenders lost in almost any defensive set if you know how to use your hot routes correctly.

3. Pistol Trips

The last offensive scheme we have here is a breath of fresh air from the gun formation. Instead we've got VENM Fire coming with a Pistol Trips from the Run and Gun Specialty Playbook.

The preferred audibles for this scheme are Smash, Strong Power, PA Ctr Waggle, and PA HB Flat. These plays are interchangeable, considering that this playbook has more solid plays in the Pistol formation or even the reliable Gun. Having a Tight End with the TE Apprentice ability in Madden 21 is extremely helpful, and in this scheme in particular it is used a lot.

You can come out in either the Curl Flat or Smash play for this scheme, both are favorites this year according to VENM Fire. For most of the plays, your Running Back will be set to blocking for extra coverage in the pocket, and your best receiver should be the middle receiver of the trio out wide. he can run a deep post route off of a motion for great separation, The crosser at TE can also bully defenders to the ball in the middle while your outside receivers create separation for the potential deep ball.

If you want to involve your RB in the passing game, the angle route is great in this formation as well, and if your blockers are good enough, you'll have more than enough time to choose who you want to hit in the middle, your crossing TE or angling RB. This is another scheme where possibilities are endless.