Theathrhythm Final Bar Release Date Information

Courtesy of Square Enix

Rejoice, Final Fantasy and rhythm game fans! The release date for Theatrhythm Final Bar Line has been announced for Feb. 16, 2023, for play on Nintendo Switch and PS4. Along with the anticipated launch date, Square Enix new looks into the melodic march through Final Fantasy's sweeping score.

Theathrhythm Final Bar Release Date Information

Upon its release early next year, Theatrhythm Final Bar Line will feature 385 songs from scores spanning 35 years of the Final Fantasy franchise, according to a Square Enix press release. More songs are likely to be added in later updates as unlockables in a Season Pass.

The base version of the game will begin with 40 songs available to play. Players will unlock the remaining 345 through progression through the game's stages, keeping time by following rhythmic prompts on-screen to carry iconic Final Fantasy melodies and fight monsters.

Additionally, players will be able to assemble their dream party from over 104 chibi-fied Final Fantasy characters to accompany them in their musical journey, reliving battles and heartfelt moments from Final Fantasy I-XV.

A multiplayer version will also be included in Theatrhythm Final Bar Line, which will allow either two players at a time to couch co-op stages, or up to four players to engage in PVP Multi Battles online.

With several different levels and modes to play, the Theatrhythm Final Bar Line game experience aims to cater to all players, from rhythm masters to leisurely enjoyers.