This Fortnite Streamer Uses a Guitar As a Controller

Photo courtesy of RobDiesAlot/Epic Games

So if you’re active in the Fortnite steaming community then you’ve probably seen a wide array of different controllers. However, I can guarantee that you’ve never seen a streamer use a guitar to play Fortnite.

Streamer “RobDiesAlot” posted the video of himself playing the game with the musical instrument as his controller of choice. The video starts as he is getting shot at from a pretty good distance away. Instead of having a long range battle, he decided to build and wait for his opponent to come to him.

Once his opponent is on him, he uses craftiness and building skills to creep up on and kill the enemy. However, just moments after killing him, someone else appears to try and kill Rob. Just like in the first fight, Rob uses his building to his advantage to sneak up on and kill the enemy.

It takes a lot of skill and practice to get this good at Fortnite.

Rob tends to post about him and his guitar a lot on his Twitter, and even has a picture of him playing while holding a baby.

Hopefully we keep getting new controllers like this!