This Week in Warzone Blog Reveals Mini Royale Continuation

This week in Warzone
This week in Warzone / Photo courtesy of Activision

Activision released its weekly briefing for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare and Warzone.

The weekly briefing from Activision is in and Warzone players will have frantic game modes to enjoy. Headlines from the game developers were the continuation of the Mini Royale mode, as well as a Blood Money Trios Battle Royale mode.

Already a big week for Warzone, which saw major reveals hinting at a future Call of Duty title, Activision decided to keep Verdansk in a hectic state. Enjoy a concentrated version of battle royale's final minutes in Mini Royale, aimed to pack a chaotic frenzied experience into a smaller game window.

This Week in Warzone Blog Reveals Mini Royale Continuation

Also included in this week of Warzone, is Blood Money Trios, a different style of the ultra popular Plunder game mode. In Blood Money Trios, a killed player drops cash every time they're killed, even if the player never collected any cash. In normal Plunder, the dropped cash is a percent of the player’s collected cash.

Additionally, you'll earn more cash for finishing moves in Blood Money Trios than in Plunder.