Those Who Remain Release Date Revealed for May

Those Who Remain is an upcoming game with psychological thriller elements.
Those Who Remain is an upcoming game with psychological thriller elements. / Courtesy of Camel 101/ Wired Productions

Those Who Will Remain's release date, previously announced and delayed, will now take place in May, as revealed Wednesday by Camel 101 co-founder and producer Ricardo Cestairo on the PlayStation Blog.

Those Who Remain, a "psychological adventure-thriller" game, is coming May 15 and will also receive a special Deluxe Edition, which will be available in retail stores. This edition will include a digital download of a prequel comic for the game's story.

The game relies on atmospheric horror over jump scares, taking inspiration from Twin Peaks and other supernatural shows and films, according to Cestairo.

"We feel that a strong and foreboding atmosphere and an ominous environment can be more powerful — and much more fear-inducing — in the long run, than a random screaming person appearing in front of the screen suddenly, for example," he said.

Players are put in the perspective of Edward, who arrives in the mysterious town of Dormont as he is haunted by past decisions in his life. You can check out the foreboding atmosphere of Those Who Remain for yourself in the trailer below.

Those Who Remain Trailer

Originally announced in 2018, Those Who Remain was intended for a release that year until the scope of the title changed.

"Back then, our intention was to release the game later [in 2018]," Cestairo explained. "But the complexity of the project grew and grew, as did our ambitions as we committed to making the game better, and better still."

Those Who Remain Release Date

Those Who Remain is coming to PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, and PC (via Steam) on May 15.