Tiger Huntress Ashe Revealed for Overwatch Lunar New Year

Tiger Huntress Ashe revealed for Overwatch Lunar New Year
Tiger Huntress Ashe revealed for Overwatch Lunar New Year / Blizzard Entertainment

The Tiger Huntress Ashe skin was revealed today in anticipation of the Overwatch Lunar New Year event. The event celebrates the Year of the Ox in the Chinese lunar calendar. It will run for three weeks from Feb. 4 to Feb. 25.

Tiger Huntress Ashe Revealed for Overwatch Lunar New Year

The Tiger Huntress Ashe skin gives Overwatch's leading lady gunslinger and her robotic ally B.O.B. quite the makeover. Ashe is typically depicted as an outlaw drawing aesthetic inspiration from the Wild West. The new Tiger Huntress skin turns her into a Chinese warrior with a metallic tiger fighting at her side.

There are so many changes to Ashe's appearance in the Tiger Huntress skin that she nearly appears to be a brand new hero. Her rebellious outfit has been substituted for more traditional Chinese attire. Her hair also turns from white to jet black and even her facial features seem to be entirely different from her normal appearance.

To go along with Ashe's Tiger Huntress skin, her NPC ally B.O.B. finds himself in some new threads as well. B.O.B. usually resembles a giant robot wearing an outlaw's jacket and an undersized cowboy hat. In the Tiger Huntress skin, B.O.B. is transformed into a cybernetic tiger wearing a Chinese robe.

One interesting thing about the Tiger Huntress Ashe skin is that her rifle remains virtually unchanged from her cowgirl look. Ashe typically uses dynamite in her toolkit, though it is uncertain if that will remain the same in the Tiger Huntress skin. Ashe's dynamite and coach gun may be visually updated to correlate with the new skin, though their effects and usage would remain the same.

No details have been released on the requirements for obtaining the skin, but it will likely be in a similar manner to acquiring the Winter Wonderland skins from December. This will probably entail weekly challenges accomplished in Overwatch's online play. After unlocking the skin, players must then purchase it with in-game currency from the store.

Overwatch's Lunar New Year event begins Feb. 4 and lasts through Feb. 25