Tilted Towers to Return in Fortnite Chapter 3 According to New Leaks

Tilted Towers as seen in Chapter 1, Season 4.
Tilted Towers as seen in Chapter 1, Season 4. / Image courtesy of Epic Games

Tilted Towers, along with some new items and events, could soon be making an appearance in Fortnite according to some recent leaks.

Fortnite Chapter 3, Season 1 is in full swing, and while Winterfest is still ongoing, fans are looking ahead to what the future weeks could hold. Chapter 3 has so far brought fans a new map to explore, new weapons, and some brand new POIs. However, it doesn't look like this chapter is slowing down just yet.

According to Fortnite leaker Koooooomar on Reddit, a list of upcoming challenges has revealed some new items and POIs coming to the Battle Royale. In Week 5, a challenge is scheduled to appear that tasks players with gaining shields using a Shield Sprinkler. The Shield Sprinkler has been rumored to appear in-game for some time now, and will apparently allow players to replenish the shields for all teammates within a certain vicinity.

Week 6 is supposedly set to introduce Flare Guns and Tornadoes. Judging from the leaked challenge, Tornadoes can be used by players to travel across distances. Flare Guns will be used in order to mark or track an enemy player, though whether they'll have other uses remains to be seen.

Tilted Towers to Return in Fortnite Chapter 3 According to New Leaks

Perhaps the most exciting leak for veteran Fortnite players is the return of Tilted Towers - a POI that was first added in Chapter 1, Season 2. The POI went through numerous changes throughout the seasons, including being destroyed by a meteor in Season 4. According to the leak, a challenge will be added in Week 8 that tasks players with eliminating an enemy in Tilted Towers.

Where the POI will emerge from in this new map is currently unknown. During its original run, Tilted Towers was situated between Loot Lake and Shifty Shafts. With this new map being a whole new layout, it really could show up anywhere.

As always with leaks, they're best taken with a pinch of salt. Until an official reveal comes from Epic Games, we can only speculate at what's to come.