Timburr Pokemon Go: How to Catch

Timburr Pokemon GO is a new Unova Pokemon added to the mobile app
Timburr Pokemon GO is a new Unova Pokemon added to the mobile app / Photo by Game Freak/Nintendo

Timburr Pokemon GO is one of the latest Unova region Pokemon joining the mobile game; though details on how to catch it are difficult to find. This came alongside the introduction of the Trade Evolution mechanic.

The process of catching this elusive critter, while not very clear at first, isn't actually all that complicated, and we've taken the liberty of laying it all out for you below.

Timburr Pokemon Go: Egg Method

In the Pokemon GO Live post announcing Trade Evolution, news of more Unova Region Pokemon entering the game through various methods is also mentioned. In one section, Pokemon are listed as being added to the pool of those spawning from certain eggs. There it is specifically mentioned that Timburr will now be available to spawn from 10km eggs. So get finding and get walking, you've got some steps ahead of you.

And before you decide to try your luck just hunting for Timburr in the wild, the Pokemon doesn't appear in any location spawn databases, so save yourself the trouble of looking like this.

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Timburr Pokemon Go: Raid Method

Another solid method for catching a Timburr is to dive into one-star raids, as the Pokemon was also added to the encounter lists for those events. One-star raids are usually pretty manageable with any team, so once you encounter a Timburr, taking it down for capture shouldn't be that difficult.