TimTheTatMan is Done With Apex Legends, Again

TimTheTatMan discussing his thoughts on playing Apex Legends
TimTheTatMan discussing his thoughts on playing Apex Legends / Credit to TimTheTatMan

Timothy "TimTheTatMan" Betar has made it clear that he will be streaming Warzone for the foreseeable future despite other Warzone personalities making the transition to Apex Legends. His reasoning for doing so is simple. "I'm playing Warzone because I enjoy playing Warzone," TimTheTatMan said bluntly. TimTheTatMan's full statement about his reasoning to focus on Warzone begins at roughly 11:45 in the posted video.

He elaborated on his frustrations with Apex Legends further as he recalled a conversation with Herschel "Dr. Disrespect" Beahm IV. When asked what he feels about playing Apex Legends TimTheTatMan explained that he doesn't like the "slow" feeling of the ranked mode. TimTheTatMan has previously shared his dislike of Apex Legends armor swapping mechanic, time-to-kill, and overall gunplay.

"I don't wanna go get 2 KP. Rotate and go to the little beacon, find out where the final circle is and go wait until the last two teams to fight when all of a sudden then I have to start fighting," TimTheTatMan said during a stream on Sept. 14.

TimTheTatMan also implied he doesn't understand Dr. Disrespect's recent dedication to Apex Legends.

"I'm looking at Doc and I'm like, 'Doc. You're violence, speed and momentum. Apex is get a kill and then rotate.' There's no violence. There's no speed. There's no momentum," TimTheTatMan said. "So I told Doc no. I'm not playing Apex. I'm just not doing it."