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TimTheTatman’s Community Warzone Tournament Won by 14-Year-Old

Image courtesy of TimTheTatman

A 14-year-old surprised both his father and TimTheTatman by winning the streamer's $1,000 community Warzone tournament.

Earning money from playing and, more importantly, being good at video games is something that's become a lot more viable in recent years. For parents that are perhaps a bit more out of the loop with gaming, to them video games might not seem like such a time-waster anymore. One parent certainly discovered that recently when their young teen took part in TimTheTatman's community tournament.

The streamer decided to throw a little impromptu tournament for his community, with a prize of $1,000 up for grabs. A 14-year-old, with his Dad watching alongside him, took part in the tournament only to find themselves walking away with the winnings.

TimTheTatman’s Community Warzone Tournament Won by 14-Year-Old

As you can hear from the clip, the kid was majorly excited and equally shocked at his success. The streamer himself even sounded surprised to hear that the kid was just 14. But what really elevated the win was revealing that his Dad was watching along.

"That is actually really cool that your Dad is like a big part of that, too. Like, hanging out. That's a big W, man. "

For once it seems that Warzone has taken a more wholesome turn. One kid certainly will be thinking about this for years to come, and what a story to break out at Christmas. It's always great to see parents getting involved in their kid's gaming hobbies, especially when the topic has been so challenged over the years.