TimTheTatMan Warzone Loadout: How to Build His AX-50

TimTheTatMan uses the AX-50 and M4A1 in his custom Warzone Loadout.
TimTheTatMan uses the AX-50 and M4A1 in his custom Warzone Loadout. / Photo by TimTheTatMan

TimTheTatMan Warzone loadout features the powerful AX-50 sniper rifle. Here's what he uses on his AX-50 and M4A1 in Warzone.

The AX-50 is comparable with the HDR in terms of damage. Both can kill with just one headshot against armored enemies, but the AX-50 has the benefit of faster reloading speed. This leads the AX-50 to be favored in more active play styles.

TimTheTatMan Warzone Loadout


  • Flash Guard
  • Singuard Arms Pro
  • Thermal Sniper Scope
  • Singuard Arms Marksman
  • 7 Round Mags

The Thermal Scope is one of the strongest addition to snipers in the game, giving you unparalleled vision to finding your enemies. The rest of the attachments make your shots as accurate possible.


At his side is an M4A1, focused on fast firing from the hip. The 60 round mag is necessary to all good secondary weapon builds. The M4A1 here balances range and speed, covering the bases that the sniper is lacking.

  • Flash Guard
  • Corvus Custom Marksman
  • Integral Hybrid
  • 60 Round Mags
  • Merc Foregrip

On Perks, TimTheTatMan has the following:

  • Doubletime
  • Overkill
  • Tune Up

Doubletime increases movement speed, which is all important when you're on the run in a free-for-all Battle Royale. Overkill gives the ability to make this build possible, and Tune Up reduces either your filed upgrade charge time or the time it takes to revive a downed ally.