Tiny Rubber Ducky Fortnite: How to Complete the 14 Days of Summer Challenge

Tiny Rubber Ducky Fortnite is the latest 14 Days of Summer challenge that was released by Epic Games.

The difficulty that comes with this challenge is not so much finding the duck, but being the first one to do so. Unlike the other challenges the 14 Days of Summer event entailed, once someone has searched the duck in a match it disappears. This means out of all 100 people in the game, you have to be the first one to reach the rubber ducky to claim it.

Tiny Rubber Ducky Fortnite

If you look more closely at the summer loading screen image, you may notice information about a hidden location disguised as surfboards. These surfboards give coordinates where you can find the tiny duck. H9, I9, H10, and I10 are the coordinates given. This means that you will be looking on the southeastern part of the map. The duck can be found east of the abandoned village and west of the river.

Cover Image Courtesy of Epic Games