Tiny Tina's Wonderland's Lucky Dice Location Snoring Valley

Courtesy of 2K
Courtesy of 2K /

If one is looking to up their loot count in Tiny Tina, one way to do so is to hunt down all the Lucky Dice scattered around the overworld. Taking the form of D20s (or a twenty-sided die for you non-DND fans) these dice can give you a boost in your luck stat, thus giving you a larger amount of loot.
To start collecting lucky dice, the first area Snoring Valley gives you a manageable amount of four.

Dice #1

The first die is located near the small village under a small cobblestone tunnel. There are a few monsters guarding the area, so prepare for some potential CQC.

Dice #2

Before entering the main castle, look for a small waterfall and jump behind it, you'll find the dice located in a small cavern underneath, in typical FPS fashion.

Dice #3

The third die is located in the middle of the main courtyard, slightly to the right of the water well, on a number of raised wood platforms that the players need to navigate after taking out the enemies in the area. it should be at the very top.

Dice #4

The final die is located in the main underground area, right by the large stone door with a few steps and candles lighting it up. Simply follow the stairs and it'll be easy to see.

After this, congratulations! You've found the first of hundreds (yes, hundreds) of Lucky Dice. Now all you need to do is grab them all and rake in that sweet, sweet 10% luck bonus.

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