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Players are wondering where to find the Lucky Dice in The Fearamid within Tiny Tina's Wonderlands.

There are 259 dice available throughout the game, and if you're lucky enough, you'll be able to find them all. When you find a Lucky Dice, you have a chance of getting all kinds of loot, including gold and supplies like gear. You may be wondering, where can I find these within the Fearamid? We have an answer for you.

Here's where to find the Lucky Dice in The Fearamid.

The Nine Lucky Dice Locations in The Fearamid

There are nine total dice located in The Fearamid:

• Beginning near the Crest of Fate, there is one dice here. After transitioning from the Crest of Fate to the Fearamid, you will find a Lucky Dice in the top right corner of the area. It is underneath the platform you fall on.
• Following this, fast travel to the Final Steps of The Fearamid. While making your way through this area, you will find a Lucky Dice on top of the scaffolding.
• After passing the Fate Marker and taking the elevator, you will find another Lucky Dice below higher ground.
• Another Lucky Dice is located on the second platform which is elevated above the previous one and slightly to the right.
• Once you travel to the bottom level of The Fearamid through the Catwalk of Obliteration, you will be able to find the other Lucky Dice. There is one located under a platform.
• Travel to the right, and you will find one that is easily visible.
• Backtrack and continue going around the circular map. There will be one underneath the bridge that is just before the Fate Marker.
• Below the central platform, there is yet another Lucky Dice.
• Last but not least, you will find one in the northwest portion of the circle underneath the scaffolding.

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