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Titanium White Dominus: How to Get

Photo courtesy of Psyonix/Epic Games

Rocket League is all about cosmetics, players are always scrambling to acquire the coolest or rarest options. One of the most recent in-demand items is the Titanium White Dominus, a sleek, Painted variant of the Dominus. Here's what players need to know in order to add this car to their garage:

Since Titanium White Dominus released in January 2020, Rocket League players have been clamoring to add it to their garage. The Dominus is one of the most widely utilized cars in the game, thus players are always looking for cool versions and perhaps no cooler version exists than the Exotic Titanium White Dominus.

The Titanium White refers to the color of Dominus' trim and Titanium White adds a crisp and clean look that pairs well with nearly any color. Players want to do more their just admire it though, they want to acquire it, but just how do they do so?

Titanium White Dominus: How to get
Titanium White Dominus was available for a limited time in the item shop / Photo courtesy of Psyonix/Epic Games

Titanium White Dominus: How to Get

As the car is not a tradable item, players' hope of acquiring the item hinges upon when it becomes available in the item shop. The Titanium White Dominus was added to the Item Shop as a featured item on Saturday, Sept. 4, for 48 hours. Since then, the car was taken off of the listing and can no longer be purchased.

This will undoubtedly be disappointing news to those players who were looking for their opportunity to purchase the exotic car. Players will now have to wait until the next time the Titanium White Dominus is added to the item shop. Fingers crossed that it returns soon.