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Toby Fox Gives New Deltarune Progress Update

Courtesy of Toby Fox

Undertale and Deltarune developer Toby Fox has given fans an update on the latter game's progress.

It's been one year since Deltarune Chapter 2 was released, and fans have been anxiously awaiting news of the game's next chapters. Fox previously mentioned that Deltarune Chapter 3, 4 and 5 were being worked on simultaneously, and while there aren't any plans to release the new chapters this year, Fox did give fans a glimpse at the development.

"Between 3, 4, and 5, we've already exceeded a chapter's worth of bullets, cutscenes, and gimmicks. Not only that, but the next chapters had certain aspects that took a while to set up, and now that those things are in place, the development of the game is only going to get smoother and smoother!" Fox said in an update blog post.

"As always, I want this thing to come out the most out of anyone on the planet, so we'll be doing our best to get it done."

The blog post also contained some screenshots, GIFs, and music from the upcoming project, which players can check out here.

Fox ended the update by announcing that they would hosting an event on the Deltarune website. The "SPAMTON SWEEPSTAKES" will be a prize sweepstakes/charity auction starting Saturday 12 p.m. PDT and will run for 24 hours. The event can be joined via