Tom Brady Madden 20 Rating: What's His Rating?

Tom Brady Madden 20 Rating has recently gone up. Here's a look at the New England Patriots' quarterback rating currently in Madden 20?

Tom Brady Madden 20 Rating

Overall, Tom Brady has a score of 98, making him a top athlete. He is noear the top of the list as well, being only below six others. Brady's strongest stat is his awareness, which is marked as a 99.

What's odd though, is that several of the athletes in his echelon seem to have higher stats in some other common areas, such as speed, accuracy, strength, and agility. Brady has a 60 in speed, a 66 in accuracy, a 70 in agility, and a 64 in strength. Brady initially started with launch ratings at a 96, and similar stats in all of the preceding categories. However, it seems that this quarterback just seems to have that x-factor that puts him above the curve compared to some others in the league.

Photo courtesy of EA