Top 3 Best Build Sets in TFT Set 7

TFT Set 7 Dragonlands Promotional Art
TFT Set 7 Dragonlands Promotional Art / Riot Games

TFT Set 7 is finally out, here are the top three build sets.

Teamfight Tactics' new Dragonlands set has been released, alongside dozens of new Champions, Augments, Items, and Traits. Having a certain amount of a specific Trait grants Champions on the board with a variety of different helpful buffs, and knowing which buffs are the best to build can make or break a game. Here are the top three best build sets in TFT's new set.

Top 3 Best Build Sets in TFT Set 7

1. Whisper Flex

Sylas Splash Art
Sylas Splash Art / Riot Games

Whispers is one of the strongest new Traits in the game. The traits description notes that "Whispers damage shrinks enemies, reducing their Armor and Magic Resist by 40% for 6 seconds." When Whispers damage an enemy, they also stack AD and AP, making building this Trait great for shredding through enemy boards. If players can get their hands on a Whispers Emblem, it's best put on a strong carry like Xayah, and players should build a few Bruisers or Guardians to help keep their Whispers alive.

2. Mirage Flex

Leona Splash Art
Leona Splash Art / Riot Games

Much like the Mutant Trait of the previous patch, the buffs granted by the Mirage Trait vary each time. These can range from rapid healing when below 50% Health, bonus Attack Speed, bonus Critical Strike change and damage, and more. Building a strong, tank Yasuo, a carry Yone, and a high Attack Speed Daeja can be extremely strong with a damage buffing Trait bonus. Much like Whisper Flex, players should pair these Mirage champions with a tanky frontline such as Leona and Braum.

3. Astral Comp

Cosmic Destiny Nami Splash Art
Cosmic Destiny Nami Splash Art / Riot Games

Astral is a set that's extremely easy to build, making it a great way to test out Set 7's new Champions and mechanics. When players build Astral, every 5th Shop has increased chances of showing an Astral champ, making it extremely easy to level Champions up quickly. This build revolves around building Nami, Illaoi, and Varus as carries. Building an extremely tanky Illaoi, a strong AD-focused Varus, and a Mana + Healing centered Nami can make for an incredibly strong team, especially when your Champs are reaching tier 2 and 3 faster than everyone else thanks to the Tier buff.