Top 3 World of Warcraft Expansion Predictions

Courtesy of Blizzard / Screenshot: @Warcraft

Here are the top three World of Warcraft expansion predictions as a new expansion is on the horizon.

With Shadowlands coming to a close with the defeat of The Jailer, players are anticipating a new expansion to come in the not-so-distant future. While Blizzard has remained silent thus far on the new expansion, data mines and leaks have aroused players' interest.

In the age of leaks and datamining, game developers have struggled to keep new releases under wraps. Blizzard is no different, with a mass amount of leaks and mining surfacing a lot of information about the potential new expansion.

Top 3 World of Warcraft Expansion Predictions

Spring is a busy time for Blizzard, as they are set to announce the new expansion on April 19, 2022. While the information is from datamining and leaks, it is very likely what the new expansion will hold.

World of Warcraft: The Dragon Isles

Many of the speculations from the mining and leaks have shown that in all likelihood, the next expansion will be a Dragon-based expansion. This is the most prominent and likely new expansion as many leaks point to players adventuring to the Dragon Isles. From leaked items to mounts, all signs show that the Dragon Isles will be the next WoW expansion.

The Dragon Isles have been anticipated since WoW's original release back in 2004. After the rough run of Shadowlands, players would be very happy to finally play this much anticipated content.

World of Warcraft: Lich King Again?

Another theory that is floating around for the next expansion centers around the Lich King. In Shadowlands, the portal to the afterlife was broken atop the Ice Crown Citadel when Sylvanas broke the Helm of Domination

This led to a lot of questions still floating around the icy north of Azeroth, however, there is no substantial information to confirm the rumor.

World of Warcraft: A Simple Adventure

With Shadowlands taking players to WoW's afterlife and defeating one of the more powerful foes in WoW Lore, players are looking for a return to the old days. After dealing with such a massive threat in the Jailer, many players are looking to return to a more simple Azeroth. One where your character is just a simple adventurer, trying to conquer foes of Azeroth.

Whatever the new expansion may be, players hope that Blizzard has learned from the pitfalls of Shadowlands, and create a better expansion this time around.