Apex Legends

Top Ranked Apex Legends Arena Player Caught Boosting Red Handed

Photo Courtesy of EA Apex Legends

An Apex Legends player has been fingered for boosting, it would seem.

Identified only by his username Xiauh, the Xbox player, ranked second in the world for Apex Legend's Arena mode, has been accused of boosting, a form of cheating. Reddit user u/Easy-Row-4209 provided the alleged evidence to Reddit's Apex Legends community less than 24 hours ago.

Boosting is a process by which players pay to receive certain rewards or actions in the game. Simply put, they misrepresent themselves and their abilities in order to pad their stats, sort of like steroids in pro Baseball.

Is it not enough to have to pay for the game or the microtransactions, that now gamers are actually paying more in order to be ranked higher than others that grind it out? Is the world not already unfairly skewed enough towards the wealthy?

Although some sources say that boosting is crucial to rounding out your Apex game, many regular gamers frown upon it. Coincidentally, many of those denouncing the negative consequences of boosting, also solicit boosting services for money.

This player, because of his high Arena rank and notoriety within the die-hard Apex community, serves as an example of how those at the top can easily fall victim to the same desire to improve. His involvement also begs the question of how many highly recognized players in Apex are misrepresenting themselves to the gaming community.