Torchlight 3 Arrives in Early Access

Torchlight 3 launched in Early Access on Saturday.
Torchlight 3 launched in Early Access on Saturday. / Courtesy of Echtra Games

The long-awaited Torchlight 3 hit Steam in Early Access on Saturday, developer Echtra Games announced on the PC Gaming Show.

Echtra Games CEO Max Schaefer described what was new with Torchlight 3 in an interview on the broadcast, saying it takes place a full century after the events of Torchlight 1 and 2.

"The Empire is in decline, they've gotten a little lazy, a little comfortable, and a new threat looms on the horizon," he said.

Players will be able to build and customize their own forts as well as visit forts built by other players. Visiting those forts will allow them to benefit from upgrades they may not yet have, but their friends have unlocked. They'll also gain access to the fort owner's recipes.

The pet system, a fan-favorite feature from the previous games, returns expanded and improved. Players can find and rescue new pets in the wild, allowing for plenty of pets both standard and unusual.

Torchlight 3 Early Access can be purchased for $30, with launch scheduled for "at least a few months" away, according to the game's Steam page.