Torghast Guide Shadowlands 9.1

Torghast as seen from afar
Torghast as seen from afar / Activision Blizzard

Torghast is getting a nice chunk of new content following the release of World of Warcraft Shadowlands Patch 9.1: Chains of Domination.

Torghast Guide Shadowlands 9.1

Torghast in 9.1 comes equip with an additional four layers that players will go and unlock, much like the progression felt early on in 9.0, crazy to think that was seven months ago!

Newly added layers nine through twelve will give the familiar Soul Ash, as well as a new currency, Soul Cinder, necessary for crafting the newer Legendary-quality gear.

Blizzard has decided to knock a floor off from the required six, to now a required five floors to complete a run of Torghast. The third floor is still a rest floor with a vendor and a handful of Lost Souls. Despite the cut of a floor, anima powers are appearing more frequently, hopefully to add some more spice to your runs.

The Tarragrue has also been completely removed, meaning the Death Counter penalty has been removed along with our Minotaur friend. A new way to track progress has been added in the form of a Scoring System, a UI on the right will appear after completing a run of Torghast with a breakdown of how you did.

Based on your decisions during the run, you will be granted points for things like "Rescuer," for releasing Lost Souls, or "Plunderer" for someone who goes the extra mile for some treasure.

The new Scoring System is a welcome change for Torghast, as the Death Counter didn't fit in with the rougelike aesthetic and function Torghast is trying to serve.

Similar to BFA's visions, a new currency called Tower Knowledge is being added to Torghast. Tower Knowledge will grant the player perks and fill out a new talent tree system for assisting

While Torghast in 9.0 had its kinks and ultimately came down to being mockingly referred to by the community as "Choreghast," the changes in 9.1 hope to spice up your runs in the Tower of the Damned.

Shadowlands 9.1, Chains of Domination is set to release on June 29.