TOTW 7 Predictions FIFA 22: Who's Getting in?

Leicester City v Arsenal - Premier League
Leicester City v Arsenal - Premier League / Michael Regan/GettyImages

TOTW 7 Predictions FIFA 22 are coming in as fans prepare for hopefully another solid squad in terms of players.

EA Sports has a Team of the Week problem in FIFA 22, and it doesn't look like it's getting fixed anytime soon. In-form players are at an all-time low at this point in the game cycle with only the top meta players carrying any sort of major value. That doesn't mean that some cards aren't worth using, but it makes it extremely difficult to make coins off the items. Also, it diminishes the value of FUT Champions player picks every weekend.

Regardless, each TOTW is a chance for new players to change the meta and open up squad building opportunities.

TOTW 7 Predictions FIFA 22: Who's Getting in?

Here are some favorites for TOTW 7 in FIFA 22:

  • Aaron Ramsdale - GK / Arsenal - Eight saves, clean sheet in win away to Leicester City
  • Conor Gallagher - CM / Crystal Palace - Goal and assist in win away to Manchester City
  • Reece James - RWB / Chelsea - Two goals and clean sheet in 3-0 win
  • Yannick Carrasco - LM / Atletico Madrid - Goal and assist in win
  • Vinicius Junior - LW / Real Madrid - Two goals in win
  • Joaquin Correa - CF / Inter Milan - Two goals in win
  • Angel Di Maria - RW / Paris Saint-Germain - Game-winning goal and assist in win
  • Thomas Muller - CAM / Bayern Munich - Goal and three assists in win

It's looking like a solid TOTW once again, but the squad lacks a top-tier meta player like Mohamed Salah. Perhaps a second in-form for Vini Jr. and Thomas Muller elevates the squad and EA Sports give Aaron Ramsdale a big enough boost to be a viable goalkeeper in squads.

FIFA 22 TOTW 7 will be announced and released in packs Nov. 3 at 2 p.m. ET following the time change.