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Tower of Fantasy Reveals First Major Content Update

Hotta Studio

Developer Hotta Studio has announced the first major content update heading to Tower of Fantasy, scheduled to arrive later this month.

Having launched worldwide just last month, Tower of Fantasy will be adding a brand new location, new bosses, and more as part of the game's first major content update. Beginning Sept. 15, 2022, players can unlock new character Claudia, a Hykros Executor with a military background.

According to her official description, Claudia's "mastery over one-handed swords and mobility saw her on the front lines of difficult operations, but she was sent to a medical facility after being severely injured in Operation Dark Apocalypse."

She's described as reliable, tenacious, and always the first to charge into battle. While she might seem a little stand-offish at first, Claudia is much more kind hearted once you get to know her.

Tower of Fantasy Adds New Location in Update 1.5

Also arriving in Tower of Fantasy as part of its 1.5 update, players will be able to unlock Artificial Island. This new location is comprised of floating islands, and features all-new areas, Developer Logs, and bosses to find. Artificial Island is unlocked once players reach Lv.50 and have completed specific missions. After this, they can set off to the new location by taking the Banges Tech's flying vehicle.

Players will also have the chance to use the new Construction feature on Artificial Island to create their own exclusive island. The Construction feature becomes available once a player's Artificial Island exploration progress reaches the specified goal or the specified level.

Tower of Fantasy is available now via the App Store and Google Play for iOS and Android. The PC version can be downloaded from the official Tower of Fantasy website.