Toxin Damage Warframe: How to Use

Toxin Damage Warframe is one of the four main elemental damage types. As you progress through the game, you'll have to exploit your enemies' elemental weaknesses to take down stronger foes. Here's what you can do with Toxin in Warframe.

Toxin Damage Warframe

Toxin is one of the four primary elements. It's strong against Corpus and Grineer enemies, but isn't as effective against Robotic, Machinery, Fossilized and Infested enemies. Toxic Ancients are totally immune to Toxin damage.

Toxin bypasses shields to hit the enemy's health directly, but armor still affects the damage output.

Poison is the status condition inflicted by Toxin, which deals damage nine times over eight seconds. The condition can stack, with each instance of Poison having its own duration.

If the Poison condition is triggered by a headshot, stealth or critical hit, the damage from Poison is affected by the same modifier. Toxin boosts that are native to the weapon will not affect the Poison, however.

You can combine Toxin with Electricity to make Corrosive damage, with Cold to make Viral damage and with Heat to make Gas.
-Corrosive can inflict the Corrosion status, which reduces Armor by 25%.
-Viral inflicts Virus, which reduces max and current health to half for six seconds.
-Gas creates a Toxin Cloud, a three meter radius cloud of Toxin damage for eight seconds.

Understanding how elements work is key to success in Warframe. Toxin is a very dangerous and powerful element that can bring many strong enemies down.

Photo courtesy of Digital Extremes.