Tracer Completely Wipes Out Other Team in Barely 30 Seconds

Courtesy of Blizzard

A Redditor who claims to have been playing Tracer for only a few weeks, shows their best clip where they kill all six players on the opposing team in slight over thirty seconds.

Redditor LaVatsu showcased a clip of themselves performing as Tracer while defending an objective in Hanamura. They faced a well-balanced team comprised of two tanks, two DPS, and two supports, and proceeded to teach the importance of focusing on taking down the fastest player first.

Attacking their D.Va first, and artfully skirting around her firing range with her blink, LaVatsu chipped away at her health piece by piece, before managing to destroy the mech.
They were then rewarded with their skill by causing the team's Hammond to panic, and jump over the railing, trying to swing off outside the map like they were playing Spiderman on the PS4.

LaVatsu then began to work away at the rest of the team, tossing Tracer's explosive device into the arena, killing their Lucio and Soldier: 76, then blinking backward.

Proceeding to gun down the enemies' weakened Ashe, they finally finished off their single, probably terrified Moira.

This completely stopped the advance of a team that, if you look at the kill feed, was doing a fairly good job of winning. So this wasn't just a Redditor getting lucky and wiping out a bunch of level five players who barely knew what they were doing.

Overall, this is a really cool clip, with a lot of subtle strategies that can showcase what someone can do when they've put in the work, and know how to play their character, and predict other movement patterns