Tracer Takes Out Five Heroes to Secure the Point by Herself

This Tracer beats the odds with one Pulse Bomb and a ton of evasion.
This Tracer beats the odds with one Pulse Bomb and a ton of evasion. | Courtesy of Blizzard

When Tracer is the last one alive on her team, she can usually consider the point lost. This Tracer defies the odds and clutches it out to secure the point for her team.

At the beginning of the video, posted Monday to the Overwatch subreddit by u/PrefightData76, Tracer already has her ultimate even though neither team has even captured the point yet. The resulting highlight is the culmination of the tear PrefightData76 must have been on to start the round.

This video is a great example of how to properly utilize Tracer's abilities to get the most production out of a difficult scenario. It begins with Tracer inching inside the enemy Winston's shield just enough to stick him with her Pulse Bomb. Luckily, he doesn't make it to the other side of the shield in time, and the Pulse Bomb ends up wiping his two squishier teammates inside along with him.

Of course, when Tracer sticks the bomb she immediately Recalls to recover health and avoid damage from her own ultimate. An enemy Sombra tries to hack her, but Tracer's counterfire cancels the hack and kills the Sombra. If Sombra hadn't attempted to hack, she could've easily killed this two-thirds-health Tracer with Recall on cooldown.

After dealing with Sombra, Tracer dances circles around a Wrecking Ball who started the encounter with more than half health. Again, Tracer should've been handled by Wrecking Ball, but her erratic dashes made it impossible for him to keep his aim straight.