Trailer for New Valorant Map Breeze Leaks

Feel the Breeze.
Feel the Breeze. / Photo courtesy of Riot Games

A trailer for Valorant's new map, Breeze, has been leaked. The upcoming map for Riot Games' first-person shooter is set in a tropical location by the sea.

Riot Games revealed images of Breeze on April 21 through a post from Valorant's official Twitter account. The images reveal what seem to be the ruins of a fort, a boat docked by the shore, and a view of the ocean which showcases some mountains.

Valorant transitioned from Patch 2.06, which introduced a variety of changes to the game, to Patch 2.07 on April 13. The upcoming update, Patch 2.08, is set to introduce Season 2 Act 3, which will most likely include Breeze. As of now there is no confirmed release date for the latest patch, but it is expected to launch on April 27.

Trailer for New Valorant Map Leaks

A well-known Valorant leaker, "ValorLeaks", posted a video to Twitter on Thursday which showcases the trailer for Breeze. They credited users, "cynprel" and "alexs0ghost", for the finding.

Breeze's trailer begins by offering a glimpse of sandy beaches along with the ruins of a fort, where one can expect the majority of the action on the map to take place. The fort contains a blend of characteristics from old ruins and those of the futuristic features seen in Valorant's maps.

Valorant only offers five maps as of now, including Ascent, Bind, Haven, Split, and Icebox. Fans should certainly be excited that a sixth map is on its way.