Train Comes to the Rescue in Clutch PUBG Play

PUBG: Train comes in clutch.
PUBG: Train comes in clutch. / Photo Courtesy of PUBG Corp

With the return of the map Vikendi in PlayerUnknown's BattleGround, the addition of the moving train has made the game more exciting, and for some, came to the rescue for some clutch plays.

PUBG relies on strategy and skill to navigate their player into the play-zone or circle whilst dodging or killing opposition players. One player, Redditor u/kingshott1998 found a way to escape a fight and make their way into the play-zone by catching a ride on a train.

Train Comes to the Rescue in Clutch Play

Redditor u/kingshott1998 found themselves in a tight situation with the storm coming in and an opponent that lowered their health to one. Applying a med-kit and noticing a train approaching, u/kingshott1998 knew this was their only way to escape and make it into the top 10 as their health situation would not make it a favorable fight.

With a tiny break in the fight as the opposition closed in, u/kingshott1998 made a sprint towards the other side of the train track for cover but also to jump into the train. To further help their chances of winning, the carriage in which u/kingshott1998 jumped into had a med-kit. In the end, the player jumps off the train at the edge of the circle, hides behind a rock and heals again, preparing themselves for another fight.

Comments congratulated the player and others shared their own stories but of failure and death when trying to jump aboard a moving train. One Redditor u/v0r_t3x even commented on the clip stating their own awe by claiming it a double clutch as the train provided safety and a med-kit.