Trapinch Evolutions in Pokemon GO

Trapinch evolutions in Pokemon GO are at the top of the upcoming October Community Day. Ruby, Sapphire, and Emerald players should remember this adorable little ground-type that would eventually turn into the incredible Flygon. Dragon-types have always been fan favorites among Nintendo players and Flygon is no different. Its appearance is especially important in Pokemon GO as several Dragon-types have been strong League and Gym contenders.

Are you looking to get a ground-dragon on your team? Here's everything you need to know about Trapinch and how it evolves.

Trapinch Evolutions in Pokemon GO

Trapinch, also known as the ant pit Pokemon, is number 328 in the NationalDex and the star of Pokemon GO's October Community day. During the event, Trapinch will appear much more frequently in the wild with a chance to catch it as a shiny. In the handheld games, it evolves into Vibrava at level 35. However, in Pokemon GO, you can evolve your Trapinch when you've collected 25 candies.

At 25 candies or level 35 in the typical titles, Trapinch becomes Vibrava. This Pokemon is one of the biggest fake-outs in the Pokemon world as it looks more like an insect than a dragon—despite now being a compound ground-dragon type officially. Vibrava is known as the Vibration Pokemon and its max CP is 1225. You will need 100 more candies for it to evolve again.

At 100 candies or level 45, Vibrava becomes Flygon. It's likely that during the event, it will get a special guaranteed move, but nothing has been specifically revealed yet. Flygon is also known as the Mystic Pokemon. Its max CP is 2661 and it remains a solid choice for the Great and Ultra Leagues due to its available moves and speed.

Pokemon GO's October Community Day will be held on Oct. 12 from 11 p.m. to 2 p.m. EST.

Image courtesy of Niantic Labs