Trapinch Pokémon GO: Where to Find the Insectoid Pokémon

Where can you find Trapinch in Pokémon GO?
Where can you find Trapinch in Pokémon GO? / Photo by Niantic and GAMEFREAK

Trapinch Pokémon GO is a rare Pokémon that evolves into the powerful Flygon. It's a little tough to find if you're not in the right place, so here's where to look.

Trapinch Pokémon GO

Trapinch, like in the main series games, appears only in the desert biome. Outside of this environment, they're extraordinarily rare. If you're in a desert area, you'll find that Trapinch isn't too difficult to track.

If you're outside of the desert, clear weather increases your chances of finding a Trapinch. Some players have noted that even within the desert, there are some sub-divsions in the biome that affect where Trapinch spawn. They've used Doduo as an indicator, as they seem to share the same Biome. If you've encountered a Doduo somehere, you'll be able to find a Trapinch as well.

Once you've caught Trapinch, you can evolve it into Vibrava with 25 Candy. You can evolve it once more into Flygon, a fairly powerful Ground/Dragon type Pokémon.

Flygon isn't the best at what it does, but the fan favorite Mystic Pokémon triple resists Electric moves and has the coverage to deal with a lot of the Dragon and Flying type Pokémon that dominate the Ultra League.