Travis Scott Concert Ignites Microphones, Sky in Fortnites Games

Photo courtesy of Epic Games
Photo courtesy of Epic Games /

The first Travis Scott Fortnite concert took place Thursday night and featured flaming microphones, an orange fire-fueled sky and many popular songs.

The concert took place on the Fortnite map at the stage located north of Sweaty Sands. Scott's music played, and the event also featured emotes tailored for the event, which were microphones that lit on fire when players held them above their head.

The concert started when the countdown hit zero, and a spaceship approached the stage. Scott then transformed into a huge being and pushed back the "audience" that had gathered near the stage. He sang for a few minutes with holographic backup dancers around him.

At one point, Scott made the sky rain fire before he and the game's players eventually went underwater.

Travis Scott Fortnite Concert Full

Watch the full concert below:

Travis Scott Fortnite Concert Schedule

Thursday's concert was one of four that will take place this weekend as a result of the collaboration between the rapper Scott, who has been a prominent fan of Fortnite dating back two years. The schedule for the remaining concerts is below:

  • Friday, April 24th, 10 a.m. ET
  • Saturday, April 25th, 12 a.m.ET
  • Saturday, April 25th, 11 a.m. ET